Online Quran Reading

Quran Educations is a leading online institute with years of experience. Our network is quite wide as we provide quality service on an international level. Our Islamic Institute is considered as a hub for learning the fundamentals of Islam, Quran recitation, translation and Tafseer. Here, students feel free to ask queries as our tutors welcome questions and hold a great understanding of multiple languages. We have made online Quran reading absolutely easier. So those who have a plan to learn the Quran within the comfort zone of the home should definitely choose our reliable services.

We deliver Lectures in Multiple Languages!

It doesn’t matter from which region you belong and what language you follow, our expert tutors deliver the lectures of the Quran in multiple languages. You won’t have to face any difficulty while understanding the lessons and ultimately, the whole learning process will become smooth for you.

Multiple Courses, One Institute!

Our services are not limited to reading the Quran in Arabic only but we offer various short courses too. You can choose to learn Tafseer, translation of the Quran, Hadiths, and Tajweed. Here, the qualified tutors give proper guidelines to students regarding the easy ways to memorize the Quran.

Around the Clock availability of Tutors!

We give you the freedom to choose the schedule that you like the most. Our qualified tutors serve our students around the clock so you can attend the classes at any time of the day. More on, there are multiple options as you can choose to attend the class 3 days a week or 5 days a week depending on the schedule you feel convenient. The queries are also responded within 24 hours because we make sure to give you the most reliable experience.

Quran Educations is the Safest Platform!

Our online Quran Institute is the safest platform for students throughout the world. All your information is saved at high data protection system. Parents can even sit with their children to know how exactly they are being taught. More on, the individual attention to students make them confident to show more interest in Islamic activities that ultimately help every student to become a better Muslim.

Free Trial Classes!

If you feel to know what exactly our teaching method is, you can simply opt for our free trial classes. The trial period consists of 3 days. You can ask for the registration if you feel satisfied. In short, our platform gives you the opportunity to learn the Holy Book with ultimate convenience.