Terms of Policy

The policy of Free Trial
Quran Educations offers free trial classes to all who want to know our teaching procedure. Those who feel satisfied can surely continue our classes.

Our Refund Policy
We value your preferences and try our best to offer the best online Quran classes. However, if a student feels like he isn’t satisfied with the procedure, he is allowed to send a refund request on our email address. We accept refund requests that are sent within a week after the issuance of invoice. The refund emails that are received after seven days are not considered at all. Students will get the acknowledgement of email within 24 hours.

We do not get offended by complaints so you shouldn’t feel hesitant about sending us emails. We respond to every complaint within 48 hours.

Cancellation Policy
Our cancellation policy isn’t stressful at all. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want to.

Policies for the Payment of Fee
Students have to follow the below-mentioned rules for fee payment:

  • You are advised to submit the fee in advance
  • We hold the right to cancel the subscription of students as if they do not pay on time. Well, we allow three grace days too. However, after grace days, no relaxation will be provided.
  • Quran Educations extends the fee submission date in exceptional cases only.
  • You are advised to submit fee through the described procedure only.
  • We offer the facility of the bank transfer and Western Union but in exceptional cases only.

Rules for Missed Classes

  • We arrange extra classes for students who bother to inform us on time regarding the reason for not attending the scheduled class.
  • Quran Educations is not liable to provide make-up classes to students who do not inform on a timely basis.
  • We make sure to conduct all online classes right according to the scheduled time so extra time shall not be provided. However, here, the tutors extend the time of class if due to some reason, they do not start a lecture on time.

Confidentiality and Disclosure of Information
We, at Quran Educations, value the confidentiality of our students. We have expanded our services to different regions so we hold the right to share your information with our subsidiaries. However, the information is shared by signing a data transfer agreement so all your data is safe with us.

We understand the privacy rules and we do not share the details of our students without asking for their personal consent. However, we are entitled to share the information if it is required by law. All the data is being stored at
advanced servers that are operated with limited access only.

Quran Educations shares the details of students to the subsidiaries and partner institutes in the U.S and other states. However, information can be revealed to other companies in the below mentioned cases:

  • When the students ask for a product or service that requires to disclose the information
  • Details are shared with the same companies and institutes that work under the supervision of Quran Educations
  • If there is a parcel of books or certificate that is being sent to your address through courier companies, we share the information of our students with those companies while making sure the positive use of details.
  • We hold the right to use the information of our subscribers and students for keeping them up to date regarding new items, announcements, and offers.
  • Public interest is our priority and we are bound to disclose the information of our students if it is required by law.
  • You can send us a request for the deletion of your information.

You can use our email address for sending us your valued suggestions and queries.