Our Courses

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We, at A.S Quran, provide the top-notch online facility for learning the Quran as we believe that it is the best way to use the technology. Are you in a search for a well-reputed Islamic Institute? We definitely prove the best option as our online classes are always scheduled as per the requirements and convenience of students. Our courses are based on different levels which means that whether you are already aware of Arabic language or do not even possess basic knowledge, choosing our course will prove completely suitable for you as we offer a complete range of Quran courses.

Noraani Qaida for Beginners

Norani Qaida is for the initial stage and is necessary to learn for all who just have converted to Islamic or want to learn the basic of the Arabic language. We offer an online course of this Qaida for kids and beginners and ultimately, we make the learning process absolutely convenient.

Quran with Tajweed

A.S Quran helps you to learn Quran with Tajweed for ensuring the accurate pronunciation so if you are keen to learn Tajweed, our tutors will help you fulfil your aim of learning Quran. The complete course of Tajweed proves quite beneficial so register yourself with us for the advanced yet easier learning process.

Hifz/ Memorization of Quran

There is no doubt that the one who memorizes the Quran earns big rewards from Allah (SWT). Our Quran memorization course is for everyone as our qualified tutors provide tips to Hifz Quran in the best way. More on, we conduct various test sessions as well because our expert team members make sure that every student actively participates for memorizing the Quran. Through the online platform, A.S is ensuring a safe learning environment for all the students around the globe.

Tafseer of the Quran

Tafseer is one of our main courses as the qualified scholars at A.S teach students to learn the true meaning of the Quran’s verses. They also guide for understanding the translation of the Quran’s verses in a detailed way which ensures better understanding. Each our course is for a specific duration as you can choose a course of 3 months, 6 months, one year or more depending on the types of course. Tafseer is a bit lengthy course because the students require detailed learning process for knowing the actual meaning of Arabic grammar.

Islamic Courses

We offer various Islamic courses including hadith, shariyah, and many others. So you can choose as per your interest or need.

Dial our number for detailed information or choose any course from the dashboard of the site!